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Project Details


Inaugurated on 25-08-2014 and opened to traffic. 

 The work completed  in two in different Contract as the work of Railway Portion which is executed by Railways delayed by  1 year to start
1.Details of First Contract
1 Total Length of bridge including Railway portion- 423.51m
2 Length of Railway Portion (Not in the scope of RBDCK) 40m
3 Length of Approach portion towards Puliyanam 157.95m
4 Length of Approach portion towards NH side 225.56m
5 Slope of ROB towards Puliyanam side 1 in 25
6 Slope of ROB towards NHside 1 in 20
7 Width of Carriage way 7.5m
8 Total width of Bridge including crash barriers 8.5m
9 Date of Notice to Proceed 1.06.2011
10 Work Forecloser date 18.7.2012
11 Time taken for completion 13 Months
12 Consultant KITCO Ltd
13 Completion status as on 18.7.2012 All the spans   except adjacent spans   completed
14 Completion cost (Rs) 6.13 Crores
2.Details of Second  Contract-Work of Adjacent spans and Allied Works
1 Date of Tender Notice 7.2.2014
2 Date of Notice to Proceed 4.3.2014
3 Date of Agreement 4.3.2014
4 Contract Amount 1.83 Crores
5 Contractor for the project Skilled Construction Company Ltd
3 Land Aquisition Cost(Rs) 1.65 Crores
4 Utility Shifting Cost and Agency Charges (Rs) 3840607

Total Cost  Incurred by RBDCK (Rs)

(LA Cost+Utility Shifting  Cost and Agency Charges+Construction Cost of Approach Portion)

9.99 Crores










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