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From the desk of M.D.

Need for North-South Expressway

Road network in Kerala carry fast and slow vehicles and pass through built-up area. There is large-scale ribbon development along these roads, which makes any proposition of development of existing road, a costly and difficult task. Most of these roads have poor geometry, as they were developed by transforming and improving village roads

Further the growing mismatch between vehicle population and availability of road infrastructure has resulted in heavy traffic densities and reduced level of service. Entire Kerala can be considered as a metropolis consisting of a large number of closely situated townships, which obstruct the free flow of traffic. The deficiencies in the road network cause delay in movement of freight and passengers and entail enormous loss by way of high vehicle operating costs. The overloading of commercial vehicles causes rapid deterioration of pavements. The transport infrastructure deficiency is one of the major obstacles in the development of Tourism, and other Industries including Information Technology.

In this context the Government of Kerala (GoK) has embarked on an ambitious program to expand and modernise the road network in the State. As part of this program, GoK commissioned various studies by domestic and international Consultants to identify a core network of roads to be developed. One of the key elements of the program is the development of an Access-Controlled High-Speed Corridor in the State. The first such facility has been identified as a 544 km North South Corridor connecting Kasargod and Thiruvananthapuram, the northern and southern boundary districts of Kerala, along the mid land region. The facility has to be connected with link roads to existing activity centers on the west and east.

The project is proposed to be developed in a commercial format with private participation. Attempts have to be made to integrate this corridor with Projects in Tourism, Information Technology, Industries, Special Economic Zones, Education, Housing, Wayside amenities etc., so that project could be an attractive investment proposition for any investor in India and Abroad.

Roads and Bridges Development Corporation of Kerala Ltd, has put forward the first step by commissioning a feasibility study for the commercial development of The Access-Controlled High-Speed Corridor connecting Thiruvananthapuram and Kasargod.


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